The Juggling Act!

It’s never easy being a working mom trying to juggle work and family life. But more moms than ever are taking up the challenge head on! And why not? I know a lot of great moms out there who are balancing work and family life beautifully!

“How do you mange it all?” I often get asked this question by friends. Some days I honestly don’t know the answer to that question and some days it’s a quite easy. Jokes apart I think it boils down to only one thing for me – ‘being organised’. Being a working mother can lead to feelings of guilt and stress because of divided attention between work and family. The key to which is a balanced daily plan for work and family!

Though it’s not easy, here’s how I have tried to strike the balance and try to maintain it everyday!

Say goodbye to the guilt. Leaving your child/children behind and going to work is no reason to feel guilty at all. Always remember they will have better opportunities because you go to work. Make your decisions and prioritise the day and what you have to do. Spending time with your children once they are back from school or class is more important than just picking and dropping them. You can then spend quality time with them once they are back home. Having the helper/cook make their snack or meals, doesn’t mean you are less of a mother or you haven’t put all the love in the food! If you have someone to do that for you, then use that time productively with your child instead. Create a support system of friends and family for yourself and don’t hesitate to use it when you really need it! Invest in a good nanny/ helper for the house and children and pray they stay : ), so you can concentrate on your work without being stressed out about the house and children all the time!

Organise your and the family’s time. Weekly meal charts help me in more ways than one. Last minute shopping, deciding the menu can lead to a chaotic morning. Packing school bags, ironing the uniforms the night before and deciding what goes in the snack box the day before, always ensure a peaceful morning. Asking the children what they would like to eat in advance, avoids having sulky faces in the morning and full happy tummies.

Put down a schedule chart for the house. In this way, not only will you not miss anything – remember you can’t always be Superwoman and others in the house will be keyed in as well. My chart has literally everything – children’s school and class schedule, birthdays, festivals, family events and personal appointments. Google calendars come to my rescue all the time! Also being class mom helps me keep my children’s school appointments. Sharing the schedule with your spouse and helpers will also help ease things through the week.

Plan activities as a family. Try and plan a quick getaway near by once a month, so the entire family can bond over light hearted conversations and sight seeing. Keeping a family game day also helps. I play board games every Friday with my daughters and it is fabulous bonding time for us.

Invest in yourself. I make it a point to update my self with whats happening around me and in the world. Find an exercise routine that works for you and stick by it. I started yoga and fitness at 6 am since I could not find any other time in the day for it! Cultivate a hobby and make sure you spend time on it. I enjoy reading and cooking, so I try and fit it into my schedule almost every day. Spoil yourself every now and then. Make a monthly appointment at the parlour and invest in grooming yourself. A good blow dry and manicured hands and feet always lift my spirits. Eat well and sleep better to lead a healthier life. Being happy and content helps me be a better spouse and parent.

Date Night. Go back to dating your spouse. Plan a night out once a month to keep the spark alive. Plan a movie or book a table at your favourite restaurant in advance. Nuture your relationship with your spouse, who is often the first one to be neglected, as we tend to focus all our energies towards our children, home and work.

Last but not the least find your song. It helps me calm down and relax, when I am having a difficult day. Mine right now is’ A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.’

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