Sunday Surprise!

“I have a surprise day planned for you today, any guesses where?” I quizzed my adorable girls as they struggled to get their lazy selves out of bed this morning.

“Yay, are we going to Phoenix? Hamleys?” The day planned was sure going to be a surprise for them 😊

Their brief : Dress cool for the outdoors Carry minimal objects in your backpack Water bottle  Comfortable shoes

“Ooh an adventure” exclaimed the younger one! Well, maybe for them it was going to be one.

As I turned down hubby’s request for the driver to accompany us for the day, the girls seemed a bit miffed. After a bit of coaxing and assurance they decided to give it a shot my way today.

We hailed a ‘kaali peeli’ from across the road to CHHATRAPATI SHIVAJI MAHARAJ VASTU SANGRAHALAYA, earlier know as the Prince of Wales Museum.

We walked through the gates of the historic museum to the well manicured lawn and garden, which retains its original plan even today. I wanted to use the day, as an opportunity to give the girls a chance to explore their surroundings freely.

After a quick trick math lesson at the ticket counter (amazed how reasonable the pricing is) we headed for the Museum. The girls tried their hands at making a few ancient coins ( Rs. 20/-for three!!) I have to confess I wanted to try my hand at too. As I attempted to explain the outstanding collection comprising of sculptures, terracotta’s, bronzes, excavated artefacts from the Harappan sites, I realised that my girls seemed to be loving the experience of being at the Museum.

As we walked to the Children’s section at the Museum my younger one was delighted to spot squirrels scurrying across the garden lawns. There was lots for them to do at the children’s section at the Museum; puzzles, sketching, a game of traditional snakes and ladders and a lovely collection of books to browse through.

After trying our hand at all of the fabulous activities we headed to the auditorium to watch a short documentary on Mumbai, that managed to capture the essence of Mumbai in just a few minutes. Truly satisfied and happy with our ‘adventure’, we decided to walk down for a quick meal to Woodside inn. The day was complete with their amazing Mac ‘n’ cheese, Pizza and my favourite ‘pecan pie’.

My children’s reaction to the day — “This was much better than a trip to Hamleys mom !” Try something different with you children the next weekend – Surprise them and I bet you, you will be pleasantly surprised too!

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