Holi Hai!

Come March and you could literally smell the festivity and excitement in the air! It was my absolute favourite time of the year. Mounds of ‘Gulal’ displayed at every street corner, water balloons and pistols adorned the shops at Colaba Market. My childhood memories of going shopping with Dad are the most precious ones I will cherish forever.

The night before Holi meant bringing home numerous packets of water, colours, balloons and Mithai. I remember filling up all the buckets in the house, with water balloons and Mom emptying at least one for a water emergency, if it may arise. We always went to bed early the night before Holi; to be able to brave the day!

A few trial rounds later, I was ready for the day! Poor innocent passer by’s that were victims of my pranks, did not realise what had hit them from four floors high. I have distinct memories of my sister and I walking down gingerly to the building next door to start the celebration. The mandatory rules and regulations dished out by Mom were just all about to be ignored.

No one was spared. ‘Gulal’, eggs, mud and all other toxic colours; I absolutely detested the metallic silver colour; were smeared into every inch of the body. I surprisingly enjoyed the innocence of the festivities as a child and no amount of shivering dampened our enthusiasm to keep going until we ran out of ammunition. A trail of newspapers spread out by Mom, welcomed us home. We would follow it from the door to our bedroom bathroom and continue playing a little more! I can still smell the hot and crisp ‘Bhajiya’s’ that Mom always churned out after we were all clean and famished!

My 5 year old has started the countdown to Holi, this Thursday. Thanks to a trip to the community G D Somani store, we bought a dolphin ‘Pichkari’ that is being used for almost everything at home right now. So far we have watered the plants, cleaned the mirror and of course teased the older sister with it! My 10 year old shows no signs of any interest in the festival yet. So I decided to share a few childhood stories about ‘Holi’ with my daughters in an attempt to get them as excited about the ‘Festival of Colours’ as I was at their age. And since my younger one is highly allergic to anything that moves on the face of this earth, we also decided to try our hand at making our own natural colours.

Here are some quick and easy ways you can make the festival fun and safe!

  • Yellow – Mix some ‘Tumeric’ powder with water to make a paste or mix sandalwood powder with milk or oil. Both are very good for your skin.
  • Green – Mix dried spinach, mint and neem leaves and grind into a paste with water. Go green!
  • Red – Mix organic kumkum with rice flour for the ‘Gulal’. You don’t even have to make a paste for this one. Better still get some rose petals and have some fun or simply boil, dry and then grind beetroot into a fine powder to enjoy!

Use your imagination and be creative and don’t forget to let me know how your ‘Holi’ was!

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  • Raashi rohira March 18, 2019 - 11:16am

    Very Well written . Fab tips


    • Rachna March 25, 2019 - 1:35pm

      Thank you Raashi!


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