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Hello moms!!

As we enter day 9 of the lockdown in the country, I am sure we all are now comfortable and settling into some much-needed routine at home. As a mother of two, it has always been my constant endeavour to keep the girls entertained without screen time. I have gone back to my ‘monster – mom’ rule of no screen time from Monday – Friday! Parenting in the time of a lockdown certainly isn’t an easy job. But we have to go on.

I wanted to take this time to help explain the severe effects of excessive screen time on children. As well as put down some fun games that we can all play and create at home! Let’s try and find a sense of order amid the chaos

  • Several studies have proved that too much screen time has an impact on the child’s brain, it agitates it!!
  • Researchers have found significant differences in the brains of some children who have had excessive screen time.
  • Children can also have lower thinking skills.
  • Sleep patterns also get disrupted with the use of too much screen time.

Here’s a game you can try playing over the next few days. And hopefully keep the iPad, laptop, tablet, mobile phones away!Dots ‘n’ boxes – Remember the good old times when all we needed was a pencil and paper? BENEFITS – Older children can learn – Estimation – how many boxes do you think we will be able to make with this sheet? Addition – add up all the member’s boxes to see what the total is. Bar Graph – Make a colour-coded bar graph to show how many boxes were made by each family member. Measurement – Give them a ruler and have them measure the space to make the dots on the paper. Younger children – This game is excellent to increase attention span in children as well as improve eye-hand coordination. You can help draw the dots with them. they don’t have to be perfect or even in a straight line. Colours – teach them primary/ secondary colours through this game. Each box will be coloured in primary colours for example – red, blue, yellow. Patterns – instead of colours substitute with patterns – checks, stripes, polka dots. This one even the older children love. Encourage them to come up with their own unique pattern HOW TO PLAY – You can play it with two or more members of the family, Start with an empty grid of dots. We made ours with a black marker. Each one has to take turns adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two un-joined dots. The player who completes the fourth side of a box earns one point. So keep a sheet handy to keep score. We wrote our initials in the boxes we made. Use different colours for different family members. When there are no more dots left to make boxes you can count the scores on your sheet and declare the winner.

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