Meet The Team

Chief Clubber Rachna Narwekar with her team!
Meet Jamila Shahpurwala – The Perfectionist! With over 20 years of teaching experience, she’s more than an asset to us! Her ability to make everyone around her feel loved is the best thing about her! She ensures everyone is fed and works hard to achieve the very best always!
Meet Trupti Jhadav – The Coolest one! Her calm demeanour and artistic flair are fabulous. It is amazing how she manages to stay calm in the most difficult situations! She’s the creative hand we can trust to bail us out when we need it the most!

Meet Cheryl Moniz – Workshop Coordinator & Master Manager Each Morning you are greeted with her warm smile and that’s enough to ensure a great start to your day! Cheryl’s amazing personality and positive attitude are infectious, to say the least. So next time you hear the sweet ‘Hello’ at the other end when you call us, you know who it is!


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